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Dutch Express offers a variety of first-class solutions to assist you with all of your courier needs. Our services are available throughout the Manhattan area in New York. These services include: Routed Delivery, On Demand Delivery, Residential Delivery, Retail Delivery, and Emergency Delivery. We pride ourselves in our ability to ensure safe and reliable shipping with any of these delivery options.

  • Routed Delivery
    Routed, or scheduled, delivery service provides our customers with an efficient, recurring delivery and pick up.
  • On Demand Delivery
    On Demand Delivery is our same day courier service.
  • Residential Delivery
    Residential Delivery services ensure our customers peace of mind throughout the entire delivery process.
  • Emergency Delivery
    Emergency delivery is your one stop solution for any time sensitive delivery problems.
  • Retail Delivery
    Retail delivery services to accommodate your retail distribution needs.


Phone: 212-717-5555

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